How do I become a carrier for Overdrive Logistics?

Overdrive is always looking for dependable carriers. If you have a interest in partnering with Overdrive, please contact our office at 1-800-866-7282 or submit your information here.

I am a carrier that hauls for Overdrive, how long will it take for me to receive my settlement?

Our payment terms to our carriers is 24 days upon receipt of your original invoice and clear proof of delivery. If you need payment information on your invoice please contact our accounting office for further information at 1-800-866-7282.

Does Overdrive accept imaged copies of BOLs from carriers?

For the most part yes, Overdrive does allow carriers to submit certified imaged copies of load documents.  However, we do have customers who require original bills of lading and we must comply with that request.  Always refer to your order confirmation or check with our accounting office before submiting copies of load documents.


Contact Us or call 1-800-866-7282 for more information.

Will Overdrive verify rates for factoring companies?

Yes, Overdrive will gladly verify rates for factoring companies.  A written request by email or fax is required.  No phone verifications will be provided. Verifications are replied to on a first come first come basis before the end of business each day.


Contact our accounting office at 1-800-866-7282 for more information.

How do I become a customer of Overdrive Logistics?

Overdrive is always interested in new business opportunities and we take great pride in our customer service and relations. If you have an interest or would like a freight quote please contact our sales representative at 1-800-866-7282 or Contact Us on the web.

Is Overdrive EDI capable?

Yes, Overdrive is EDI capable. If you are interested in doing business with Overdrive via EDI please contact our office for further information.

Is Overdrive US Bank Payable Solutions (formally PowerTrack) ready?

Yes, Overdrive is US Bank Payable Solutions ready. For more information regarding our current US Bank Payable Solutions service availability please contact our office for further details.

Even though I usually send my shipment as Less Than Truckload, when should I consider shipping it truckload?

You should consider shipping truckload when:

  1. Your shipment needs expedited service.
  2. Your shipment is sensitive and requires delivery with seal intact, or no break-bulking at hubs.
  3. Multiple shipments can be combined into one Truckload with Stop Offs in transit.
  4. Your shipment has weight or cubic capacity that would result in an LTL rate that would be higher than the Truckload rate.

How much lead time do I need when placing a request for pick up?

Overdrive is able to respond to same day pick ups, but 24 hour notice is appreciated.

How do I get my automobile shipped?

Shipping your automobile is easy with Overdrive. Contact Us on the web or call us at 1-800-866-7282 for a quote. We will handle your shipment from pickup to delivery!

Is Overdrive Logistics a member of TIA?

Yes, Overdrive is a member of the Transportation Intermediaries Association. Overdrive Logistics has been a distinguished member in good standing since 2002.

Is Overdrive a member of NDTA?

Yes, Overdrive is a member of the National Defense Transportation Association. For more information on NDTA or to become a member please visit http://www.ndtahq.com.

Is Overdrive Logistics a member of the P3 Program?

Yes, Overdrive Logistics is member of the Platinum Performance Program and maintains a $100K bond. Overdrive has been a member in good standing since 2002.