Customer T&C

Payment terms are 30 days.


Overdrive Logistics Inc is a duly licensed Freight Broker with operating authority MC-332705.


Terms & Conditions take precedence over all business transactions unless conflicting terms are contained in a separate contractual agreement with Customer.


Customer warrants their compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations.


Maximum cargo liability for any shipment is $100,000.00 unless otherwise communicated by customer to Overdrive in advance of shipment.


Shipper’s insertion of Overdrive’s name as the carrier on any bill of lading or shipping document shall be for Shipper’s convenience only and shall not change Overdrive’s role as a property broker or the carrier’s role as a motor carrier.


Cargo liability is governed by 49 USC14706 (Carmack). Handling and disposition of Loss and Damage Claims and Processing Salvage is governed by 49 CFR 370. Customer shall report concealed damage within 5 business days of delivery. Formal claims for loss or damage shall be filed within 9 months of delivery; in the event of non delivery, within 9 months of the time product should have delivered. Payment of freight charges is required in order to process any claim. Customer may not off set claim amounts from payables.